• Paladin

    Guide your character, Auron, fighting through to victory over his foes!

    PLAYS: 555 Play Game »
  • Animator vs....

    Battle a stick man with the tools of photoshop!

    PLAYS: 489 Play Game »
  • Tasty Planet

    Starting from a particle sized nano, work to increase your size and prowess to take over the...

    PLAYS: 604 Play Game »
  • Motherload

    Fly, tunnel and trade your way to riches.

    PLAYS: 753 Play Game »
  • Bowmaster Prelude...

    Fight back the approaching soldiers by any means necessary.

    PLAYS: 639 Play Game »
  • Storm the House...

    Defend your house from raiders by using awesome weapons.

    PLAYS: 373 Play Game »
  • Invasion 3

    Build up your army to take down the castles!

    PLAYS: 712 Play Game »
  • Tainted Kingdom...

    Give the orders to your men to take out enemies on the battle field and be victorious!

    PLAYS: 511 Play Game »
  • Crazy Flasher...

    Streets fights galore, as you fight your way through city streets.

    PLAYS: 744 Play Game »
  • Castle Crashing...

    Destroy the bearded floating head before he destroys you!

    PLAYS: 544 Play Game »
  • Warlords Call...

    Conquer surrounding lands by beating the men to the other side of the battle field.

    PLAYS: 740 Play Game »
  • Demonic Defence...

    Defend your keep from the oncoming hoards!

    PLAYS: 544 Play Game »
  • Helicopter Game...

    Fly your chopper through progressively difficult passages.

    PLAYS: 649 Play Game »
  • Feudalism 2

    Do battle with many foes and increase your territory to rule the game.

    PLAYS: 916 Play Game »
  • Learn to Fly

    You help a penguin fly as far as possible by hitting ramps at full speed.

    PLAYS: 1266 Play Game »
  • GunBot

    You are a robot with a gun on a mission to shoot things up!

    PLAYS: 781 Play Game »
  • Agony the Portal...

    Destroy the world and help the undead gain ultimate power by fighting all those who oppose...

    PLAYS: 416 Play Game »
  • How to Raise...

    Raise your dragon from egg and help him maintain good health on his travels.

    PLAYS: 541 Play Game »
  • Andy Law

    Help Andy Law fight his way to victory, using some bad-ass weapons!

    PLAYS: 541 Play Game »
  • Chibi Knights

    Do battle with the giant beasts to help save a land from destruction.

    PLAYS: 439 Play Game »