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New Hacked Games -
  • Flight

    Throw your paper airplane as far as possible in different locations around the world.

    PLAYS: 1482 Play Game »
  • Epics Of Distant...

    Guide your customised character through the game to build his strength and prosper.

    PLAYS: 403 Play Game »
  • Fancy Pants Adventure...

    Navigate through the different levels dodging, jumping and bouncing off of different obstacles...

    PLAYS: 448 Play Game »
  • Batman: Cobblebot...

    Fight your way through Gotham as the caped crusader, taking on bad guys at every step.

    PLAYS: 434 Play Game »
  • Evil Slayer

    Strut around slaying monsters with guns and swords!

    PLAYS: 595 Play Game »
  • All We Need is...

    Lure zombies out out to kill them with well placed brains!

    PLAYS: 373 Play Game »
  • Plant Life 2

    Help your garden to grow by gathering all the necessary tools and taking out the bugs.

    PLAYS: 436 Play Game »
  • Foxy Sniper 2

    Shoot up as many targets as possible with this sexy sniper game.

    PLAYS: 575 Play Game »
  • Groar

    Drive your truck through tough terrains with big dinosaurs!

    PLAYS: 766 Play Game »
  • Sonny 2

    Using different characters fight through different zones in this RPG-Strategy game.

    PLAYS: 605 Play Game »
  • Days 2 Die

    Battle your way through different locations and kill as many zombies as possible.

    PLAYS: 789 Play Game »
  • Crush the Castle...

    Catapult rocks to bring down structures and be victorious.

    PLAYS: 1176 Play Game »
  • Gravitee Wars

    Select your weapons and destroy all other teams on the surrounding planets.

    PLAYS: 639 Play Game »
  • Warlords 2: Rise...

    Guide your warriors to victory by conquering new lands!

    PLAYS: 563 Play Game »
  • Super Mario Brothers...

    Work your way through as many levels and collect as many coins possible with this classic...

    PLAYS: 828 Play Game »
  • Destroy All Cars...

    Jump and crash your stunt car through 25 levels of obstacles!

    PLAYS: 1304 Play Game »
  • Ants Battlefield...

    PLAYS: 573 Play Game »
  • Thing Thing 4

    Destroy the enemies in this side shooter. Amazing action and lots of weapons to choose from...

    PLAYS: 1070 Play Game »
  • Toss The Turtle...

    Annihilate obstacles by using your turtle in this amazing game by Armorgames.

    PLAYS: 1184 Play Game »
  • Super Smash Bros...

    Supreme action between your favorite game characters. Battle to the death in various modes...

    PLAYS: 907 Play Game »