• Deadly Race

    Speed through city streets using mounted cannons to blast away any opposition.

    PLAYS: 1034 Play Game »
  • City Driver

    Take driving jobs, make money and apply for better jobs to progress.

    PLAYS: 1032 Play Game »
  • Gilera Runner

    Race your bike around the town avoiding obstacles and doing tricks.

    PLAYS: 1086 Play Game »
  • Drag Bike Manager...

    Build and manage your own drag bike team to win races.

    PLAYS: 875 Play Game »
  • Loaded Metal

    Upgrade your vehicle and drive through your ground at high speed blasting away all enemies...

    PLAYS: 625 Play Game »
  • BM REX

    Ride your T. Rex on a BMX over hills to pull of tricks and collect bonuses for high scores...

    PLAYS: 894 Play Game »
  • Rock Collecting...

    Drive across a lunar landscape collecting moon rocks.

    PLAYS: 1072 Play Game »
  • Speed Busters

    Quickly and efficiently take down the speeding cars to regain normality on the roads.

    PLAYS: 923 Play Game »
  • Wanted

    Drive a sports cars on busy roads shooting all the people trying to kill you.

    PLAYS: 1117 Play Game »
  • Fireball 5

    Race a rocket-propelled car through the streets avoiding the other drivers.

    PLAYS: 708 Play Game »
  • South Park Alien...

    Help the Chef drive the boys in the station wagon away from the aliens and back to safety.

    PLAYS: 488 Play Game »
  • Big Truck Adventures...

    Race your truck over rough terrain and jump water hazards to the reach the end of each level...

    PLAYS: 813 Play Game »
  • Drifting Championships...

    Become a master of drift racing by practicing and entering championships.

    PLAYS: 1109 Play Game »
  • Highway Madness...

    Choose your supercar and race it along busy roads collecting bonuses.

    PLAYS: 688 Play Game »
  • Stunt Bike Draw...

    Draw your ramps and set the motocross rider off to see if the jumps are possible.

    PLAYS: 1141 Play Game »
  • Uphill Rush

    Race through each level performing the difficult tricks requested to score points.

    PLAYS: 917 Play Game »
  • Rock Crawler

    Cover extremely rough terrain in an extreme vehicle as fast a possible.

    PLAYS: 943 Play Game »
  • Foofa Race 2

    Race vehicles on various terrains, drifting round corners to take the pole and win.

    PLAYS: 585 Play Game »
  • Jam XM

    Race a modified car shooting the attached cannons at opponents to try and beat them.

    PLAYS: 684 Play Game »
  • Action Driving...

    Drive Frank\'s tricked out BMW all the way to the Eiffel tower avoiding obstacles and collecting...

    PLAYS: 881 Play Game »