Build your army and then go to battle deploying and controlling the soldiers during fights...

    PLAYS: 825 Play Game »
  • Dock It

    Captain large ships into dock safely without crashing.

    PLAYS: 980 Play Game »
  • Primitive Parking...

    Drive your stone age vehicle to the designated spot without crashing.

    PLAYS: 526 Play Game »
  • LA Traffic Mayhem...

    Control the traffic lights to keep the cars moving quickly, but avoid crashes.

    PLAYS: 677 Play Game »
  • Zombie Infestation...

    Fight your way through the zombie infested building looking for the carrier zombie.

    PLAYS: 810 Play Game »
  • Power Knight

    Guide your knight through lands dueling foe that test you.

    PLAYS: 800 Play Game »
  • Dark Op Escape...

    Navigate your way out of the dungeons by solving puzzles and remembering the way.

    PLAYS: 748 Play Game »
  • Head Hunter

    Take on targets to kill them and take their heads for money.

    PLAYS: 720 Play Game »
  • Prison Planet

    Stop the human slaves escaping the Prison Planet by placing guards strategically along the...

    PLAYS: 679 Play Game »
  • Operation Chaos...

    Fly your ship through space dodging and destroying enemies.

    PLAYS: 467 Play Game »
  • South Park Volcano...

    Help Stan\'s dad save South Park from the molten lava by solving the puzzles.

    PLAYS: 781 Play Game »
  • Assassin Jane...

    Sharp shoot targets from huge distances and then escape.

    PLAYS: 704 Play Game »
  • Vegas Traffic...

    Control the traffic lights at an intersection to help move cars along and avoid crashes.

    PLAYS: 600 Play Game »
  • Hit And Run

    Play cricket by smacking the ball for six in your chosen direction.

    PLAYS: 704 Play Game »
  • Frontline Defense...

    Stop the attacking soldiers by placing your defenses wisely along their route.

    PLAYS: 840 Play Game »
  • Crazy Chess

    Move quickly to defeat the advancing pieces in this fast-moving chess game.

    PLAYS: 747 Play Game »
  • Snow Plow

    Go to work with a snow plow and move the snow to designated areas.

    PLAYS: 629 Play Game »
  • Fish Money

    Help your character fish for gold with his crane tool.

    PLAYS: 847 Play Game »
  • People On My...

    Place your weapons and defenses to eliminate the aliens on your lawn.

    PLAYS: 834 Play Game »
  • Garfield Memory...

    Match the pairs of cards until you have them all.

    PLAYS: 464 Play Game »