• Avatar The Last...

    Use your character\'s powers to make safe passage for your friends.

    PLAYS: 1025 Play Game »
  • Battle Gear 25...

    Choose your side and then build your army to dominate the world.

    PLAYS: 1128 Play Game »
  • Youda Farmer...

    Manage a farm and send your produce to the shop in town.

    PLAYS: 1185 Play Game »
  • Donkey BoM

    Infiltrate the city of Gid as a covert operative, casting weapons to the prisoners to help...

    PLAYS: 675 Play Game »
  • Papas Burgeria...

    Help run Papas Burger joint by serving customers and cooking burgers.

    PLAYS: 1258 Play Game »
  • Castle Wars

    Build your castle to 100 stories and destroy your opponent\'s work along the way.

    PLAYS: 1027 Play Game »
  • Ace Defense

    Defend your base by placing defenses strategically along the route of attackers.

    PLAYS: 953 Play Game »
  • Rack A Node

    Build your own stacks of nodes to help them perform the best.

    PLAYS: 641 Play Game »
  • Giga Miner

    Help your miner mine through the earth collecting minerals and treasures.

    PLAYS: 969 Play Game »
  • Scooby Doo Pirate...

    Guide Shaggy and Scoobie through interactive puzzles while keeping your cool.

    PLAYS: 1011 Play Game »
  • Tiny Piranha

    Help your tiny piranha eat the little fish and grow big.

    PLAYS: 1131 Play Game »
  • Kingdom Days...

    Help your character to get dates with handsome bachelors.

    PLAYS: 697 Play Game »
  • Luigis Revenge...

    Play the classic levels of the famous arcade game, this time as Luigi.

    PLAYS: 842 Play Game »
  • Mario Flash V2...

    Play the latest version of the classic Mario game.

    PLAYS: 872 Play Game »
  • Zombie Horde...

    Defend your ground from the attacking zombie hordes.

    PLAYS: 1354 Play Game »
  • Spider Key

    Move around mazes collecting the keys that open the doors to win.

    PLAYS: 535 Play Game »
  • Forest Warrior...

    Stop Dracula destroying all the forests by cutting down all the enemies you meet.

    PLAYS: 471 Play Game »
  • Break Out 2

    Take on missions and kill people to earn money and reputation.

    PLAYS: 580 Play Game »
  • Cheat Death

    Complete the puzzles so the character can pass through and drink the potions.

    PLAYS: 785 Play Game »
  • We Are Pirates...

    Help Captain Jade sail his ship and win battles on the seven seas.

    PLAYS: 869 Play Game »